Priti calls for Government action on unauthorised encampments

Witham MP Priti Patel has called for the Government to review the law and take action to address unauthorised encampments. In recent days in Witham Town there has been an unauthorised encampment at River Walk and a further unauthorised encampment on the Maltings Estate which following legal action by the landowner has now moved to Gershwin Boulevard. Priti, who has written to the Home Secretary and Housing, Communities and Local Government Secretary, said:

“At this time of year Essex sees dozens of unauthorised encampments set up with private and public land affected. In the past we have seen property damaged and litter left on sites with no consequences for the people who have done this. With more unauthorised encampments on sites this year residents are concerned about laws being broken and the disruption caused.”

“While the Police and local councils are working closely together to address unauthorised encampments, the law constrains them on what can be done to move these sites on quickly and to claim money back for the costs incurred. I have asked the Government to review this situation and make changes to the law to back law-abiding citizens and enable the Police and local councils to tackle this issue.”