Colchester resident and Action Team member Jeremy Hagon has been officially confirmed as the 2019 Stanway ward Conservative candidate.

Borough Council elections are set to take place across Colchester on Thursday 2nd May with polling stations opening from 7am until 10pm.

Stanway has only one polling station for the Stanway ward, located at the Village Hall in Villa Road.

Following the announcement, Jeremy said: “Stanway is an amazing place to live. I remember, as a child, riding around the village with friends, playing on Stanway Green, Egremont Way, Juniper and Holly Road.

“Stanway has seen enormous change over the years, with recent housing developments bringing thousands of new homes to Stanway and growing our community.

“With new growth we must have new infrastructure to support our community, creating local jobs and amenities to enhance our quality of life.”

Infrastructure and investment 

Jeremy has been an active member of the Stanway Action Team since 2017, proudly supporting colleague Cllr. Paul Dundas in winning his seat in last year’s local elections.

Speaking on local facilities, Jeremy said: “Colchester Borough Council needs to be accountable to local people here in Stanway.

“That means using developer funding to invest straight back into local community facilities; giving families proper access to local schools, local sports and leisure facilities, local medical services, communications infrastructure and not forgetting, well managed highways and footpaths.”

As a Parish Councillor and as a member of the Stanway Action Team, Jeremy added it had been a “pleasure to devote time serving residents across the whole of Stanway”, helping to resolve issues and bringing new ideas and business opportunities forward.

Strong voice in the Town Hall

“With your support, I can continue to work to make Stanway the best it can be, a great place to raise a family and an amazing place to live and work, as my family have done for more than two centuries”, added Jeremy.

“I will take on your concerns and issues and be a strong voice for Stanway in Colchester Borough Council.”

Jeremy Hagon was selected unanimously by the Witham Constituency Conservative Association to be the official candidate for the ward of Stanway in Colchester.